Royale FAQ: Gifted by Your Transit Agency

We’ve partnered with transit agencies to offer Royale for free to all their riders. Check out a complete list of participating agencies.

If your transit agency is not providing free Royale upgrades, learn more about how you can subscribe to Royale by purchasing it directly in the app.

1. I saw that my transit agency is giving its riders a free upgrade to Royale. What does that mean?

Royale is the subscription in the Transit app. If you saw a message about a free upgrade in the app, it’s your lucky day! That means your local transit agency has partnered with Transit to provide a group subscription for everyone in your city – so you and other riders get an upgrade to Royale, at no extra cost.

2. Do I need to upgrade to Royale?

We highly recommend it! If you don’t claim your free upgrade to Royale, your current version of Transit will start to limit certain features that are only accessible through the subscription.

3. How can I upgrade to Royale?

Open Transit and scroll through the list of routes on the Main Screen. If you’re a frequent rider, you should be granted Royale automatically. A message will pop up to inform you of your new status.

Can't wait to be Royale? Email us directly through the app, and we will get you sorted!

4. Do I need to create an account to use Royale?

All of the features of Royale (as well as all of Transit’s core features) do not require an account. However, to make payments in the app, like for mobile ticketing or bikeshare, you’ll need to create a Transit account.

We suggest creating a Transit account to save all of your favourite routes and locations in case you switch devices in the future. Having a Transit account is the easiest way to pick up where you left off on your previous device.

You can read more about Transit accounts here.

5. Will Royale feel different from how Transit works now?

No! For functions like trip planning and checking departures, Royale looks and feels almost exactly the same as before. Royale also introduces new, optional features like GO leaderboards and in-app theme options to customize Transit on your device.

6. Why is my bus tracking app doing all this?

For more information about why Transit launched a subscription service and why we partnered with transit agencies to bring it to riders, you can read our Royale announcement here.

7. What features do I get with Royale?

By upgrading to Royale, you get access to all the features you know and love. And a lot more. Including...

  • All transit lines: Look up future departure times, track vehicles, and more, for any transit line.
  • Unlimited transit schedules: Want to look up the schedule of next week’s bus? Now you can.
  • GO celebrity status: Create the perfect alter ego when you ride — you can choose your own emoji and a nickname to climb up the leaderboards when you use GO.
  • Custom themes: Make Transit feel more like, well, YOU! Customize your app icon, and the app colour scheme when you use Transit.
  • More iconic icons: Unlock 20+ new icons to mark your favourite places, so they feel more personal and quirky — not just like pins on a map.
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