Royale FAQ

We’ve partnered with some transit agencies to offer Royale for free to all their riders. Click here for more information if you’ve received a message in the app from your transit agency about upgrading to Royale. If you have not seen a message in the app that your transit agency is upgrading you to Royale, continue reading this page.

1. You’re asking me to purchase a subscription. Why?

We gotta pay the bills! While core app features remain free (and always will) we now require a paid subscription for certain Transit features. It’s a necessary move that ensures all of Transit’s designers, data scientists, developers, and more, can keep working on Transit. So your app doesn’t get all buggy, your transit data remains fresh, and Transit gets ever-more reliable and fun to use.

For more information, you can read our announcement here.

Royale subscription prices vary by geography and are adjusted to your local currency. To know how much Royale would cost for you, head over to the Royale section in the settings, and tap "Upgrade to Royale".

2. What features do I get with Royale?

By upgrading to our premium version, Transit Royale, you get access to every feature you’re used to. And a lot more. Including…

  • All transit lines: Look up future departure times, track vehicles, and more, for any transit line.
  • Unlimited transit schedules: Want to look up the schedule of next week’s bus? Now you can.
  • GO celebrity status: Create the perfect alter ego when you ride — you can choose your own emoji and a nickname to climb up the leaderboards when you use GO.
  • Custom themes: Make Transit feel more like, well, YOU! Customize your app icon, and the app colour scheme when you use Transit.
  • More iconic icons: Unlock 20+ new icons to mark your favourite places, so they feel more personal and quirky — not just like pins on a map.
  • 3. Will I still be able to use Transit, even if I don’t pay for Royale?

    Yes. Core features of the app will always remain free! It’s important to us that everyone who depends on Transit can continue to do so. But if you find Transit valuable? Please consider supporting our work. It allows us to bring Transit to its full potential, while keeping crucial parts of Transit free for those who need it most.

    4. I thought my transit agency built this app! Why are you asking me to pay for premium features?

    We’re an independent company. Our app works for your transit agency, but also many others in more than 300 cities around the world. Our team, based in Montreal, Canada, rides transit too — and we rely on the support of riders like you to keep us going.

    5. What does the “crown 👑” icon on my bus line mean?

    If you see a little crown, it means that line is far enough away from your current location so your access to info on that line is limited (or will be, soon) unless you upgrade to Royale.

    All users get a 2-week grace period when they can see all available information for all transit lines (including faraway lines with the Royale crown). But full access will go away, so you should upgrade to Royale soon.

    6. Will I still be able to see my bus or train line if I don’t have Royale?

    Yes, you’ll still be able to see the next departure time for all nearby buses and trains — even if you just use the free version of Transit. You’ll still be able to tap on the lines closest to you (the ones at the top of the list) to get more info: like future departure times, vehicle tracking, and route maps.

    However, a Royale subscription is required to see more information for lines that are farther away. If you want to use Transit to check additional departure times for buses and trains that aren’t nearby, you’ll have to upgrade to Royale.

    7. What about the free version of the app?

    It’s still here, and we’ll keep working to improve it. All the transit information you access in the app (like schedules, arrival times, vehicle locations, etc.) will continue to be updated. We use the exact same information to power the free version of Transit as the premium “Royale” version. However: if you want unlimited access to that information — like departure times on faraway lines, or transit schedules far into the future — you’ll have to upgrade.

    8. Will I be able to use my Royale subscription on multiple devices?

    • Yes, if:
      • all devices are connected to the same Apple ID account, or
      • all devices are part of the same iCloud Family on iOS
    • Unfortunately, sharing between a Family Library on Android is not currently supported.

    9. I can’t afford a subscription.

    We understand completely. Not everyone is in the same financial situation. This is why we're offering free subscriptions for those who can't afford it. 

    Please tap to Unlock all features, scroll down to Can't afford it? and tap on Learn more. You will be able to send us an email with the information we need to send you Royale, on us, for free. 

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