Plan a Trip from A to B

To get directions from A to B, use Transit's trip planner. You can quickly navigate to your favorite locations and pull up addresses from your phone's calendar to plan your favorite routes.

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Plan a Trip from A to B

  • On the Main Screen, tap the search bar: 
  • Enter your destination. Here you can: type an address, select a point on the map, select a favorite location, or pull up an address from your phone's calendar or contacts.
  • Tap the search result you want. 
  • Tap in the upper Current location field to change your starting point, if desired. 
  • Compare your options using public transport and other modes:
  • Tap a trip to see more details:    
  • Tap GO to get step-by-step instructions during your trip.
  • Plan a Trip in Advance

  • In the trip planner, tap Leave Now:
  • Choose between Leave Now or Leave at or Arrive by options.
  • Set the time you would like to leave or arrive:  
  • Choose the route that fits your schedule.
  • On the route detail screen, tap GO to receive step-by-step instructions during your journey, or tap the bell icon to create a reminder to notify you of your departure for that route:
  • Get Trip Plans Instantly from the Main Screen

  • Tap the instant ETA box at the right of the search bar: 
  • Transit will open the trip planner and display different ways to get to your destination:
  • Using your current location, saved locations, and time of day, Transit can predict where you’re most likely headed — whether it’s work, home, etc. As you move around your city, the search bar will update to show you estimated travel times to the predicted locations.

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