Get the Most Out of Royale

Royale - the new and improved version of Transit -- where you can customize your in-app experience to your most royale desires. Ever thought the smiley face GO avatar was too basic? Well, now you can create your own custom avatar to show the world! Ever dreamed of customizing your Transit theme? Now you can!

To learn more about what Royale is and learn about how it helps sustain Transit, click here or email us at

Here's what this article covers:

How to get Transit Royale

If your local transit agency doesn’t sponsor Royale for their riders, you can purchase a subscription for Royale to access full schedules, see all transit lines in your area, customize your app with new themes and icons, and help support us here at Transit to continue improving the app.

Note: First, make sure you have at least version 5.9.0 of the app installed! We always recommend updating to the newest version of the app available in the App Store or Play Store.

  • Open the app and, tap the gear icon on the top left of the main screen.
  • Tap the Royale bar.
  • Choose your plan ”Monthly” or ”Annual”, then tap Upgrade to Royale or Start 7-day free trial. If you choose an annual subscription, you'll get a week of free trial that you can cancel at any time! Your subscription will start at the end of the free trial.

    Note: Only one free trial is available per annual subscription.

  • Confirm your subscription and voilà, you’re Royalty! 🎉

Warning: Your Royale account is tied to your App Store/Play Store account, not to your Transit account. That means that if you get a new phone, you'll have to download Transit using the same Apple ID or Google Play Store account to restore Royale on your phone again. If you’re having any issues, you can reach out to our User Support team at

Improve your experience

Customize your app

Having Royale makes using Transit more fun!

You can customize the theme of the app to match your agency’s favorite colors and you’ll be able to customize the icon on your home screen as well!

Here's how:

  • Tap the gear icon at the top left of the main screen, then tap the Royale bar.
  • Scroll down and tap Change at the left of “Custom themes”.
  • Customize the look of your app by changing the app icon color, and/or the accent color.
  • The selected accent color will also apply on the background of your avatar.

  • To return to your settings page (don't worry! All your changes will be saved), using iOS, tap the X in the top right corner at any time. If you're on Android, just tap your phone's back button.
More icons for your favorite locations

When adding a location to your favorites, a wider variety of icons becomes available with Royale.

Create your own GO avatar

When you have Royale, you can choose your own avatar and even pick a new username.

Here's how:

  • Tap the gear icon at the top left of the main screen, then tap on your current avatar.
  • Here you can:
    • 🔁 Shuffle to pick from our suggested names and avatars, or select your own!
    • 👻 Stay low-key by enabling ghost mode.
    • 📤 Share your awesome new Royale identity on social media by tapping the share icon.
  • Tap "Done" to save your changes.

Pro tip: If you don't want to show your avatar to the world, you can tap the ghost emoji to hide your emoji from other riders when taking a trip with GO.

Nickname rules

If you’re creating your own avatar name, we have a few rules:

  • It has to be between 2 and 25 characters (sorry, no long names!)
  • No emojis are allowed in the nickname itself. (You can customize your avatar emoji instead.)
  • It can’t use offensive words — we have a whole list of bad words we simply won’t allow, covering multiple languages! Sorry, George Carlin. Have questions? Send us an email!

Discover the new Leaderboard

What is the leaderboard?

The leaderboard shows off the top Transit users who have been keen on providing more accurate real-time tracking information to other riders by using GO.

Check out where you stand compared to other users for the month and for all time, and see how close you are to the #1 spot on your most-used line.

You can see your position in the leaderboard through the route details screen, while using GO, and in your profile.

From the route details screen:
  • To see the leaderboard for any line, select it in the list of the main screen then tap your avatar or the GO crowdsourcing indicator, at the top of the screen. This will take you directly to the leaderboard for that line!

Note: Your avatar will only appear if you have used this line.

When you’re in a GO trip:
  • Tap the GO crowdsourcing indicator at the top of the screen to have quick access to your stats.
  • Tap anywhere on the tile to see your monthly and all time records. You can also tap check the leaderboard to see where you rate in comparison to other riders!
From your profile:
  • Tap on the gear icon at the top left of the main screen, then tap on any lines that you want to check.
  • You can see a recap of your stats for the month, tap this month to switch for your all time records.
  • You can also tap check the leaderboard to view all stats of the line.

Note: If you have toggled on ghost mode, others won't be able to see your nickname/avatar in the leaderboard.

Manage your subscription

If you want to cancel your subscription or switch from monthly to yearly, or vice versa, you can do so through your app.

  • Tap on the gear icon at the top left of the main screen.
  • Tap the Royale bar, then scroll all the way down and tap Manage subscription. You will then be taken to the App Store or Google Play Store where you’ll be able to change your type of subscription, or cancel if you no longer wish to be subscribed.


⚠️ I bought a subscription, and I don’t see it in the app!

Did you get a new device? Make sure you're logged into the same Apple ID or email associated with your Google Play account that you used to purchase Royale. Please make sure you’re logged into your Transit account as well!

Then, on the Royale announcement screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Restore purchase.

Still doesn’t work? Contact us at

⚠️ I want to request a refund for a subscription I bought

To request a refund for your subscription, you’ll have to go through the App store or the Play Store directly.

If you are using an iOS device:

You can visit this page with more detailed instructions: Request a refund for apps or content that you bought from Apple.

To check the status of a refund request, please follow the instructions here.

If you are using an Android device:

To request a refund, you can request it on the Google Play website within 48 hours of the purchase. You can use this link and follow the instructions. If it’s been more than 48 hours since the purchase was made, we can issue a refund for you. Please reach out at and we can help you there.

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