What is GO crowdsourcing?

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GO Crowdsourcing

When you use GO to guide you along your transit trip, you're also sharing the location of your vehicle with other Transit users to provide them with super-accurate vehicle tracking information.

Crowdsourced vehicles are indicated on the map by an avatar on top of the vehicle.


When using GO, you can provide more than just better real time tracking data to other users using Rate-My-Ride! By answering a few short questions, you can help provide feedback on vehicle accessibility, crowding, timeliness, and overall ratings for your trip.

All this information is compiled and turned into indicators (displayed next to upcoming departures) or ratings that other riders can see. You can check this out by selecting a route from the main screen to see its details.

All Rate-My-Ride responses are anonymized, and they help your local transit agency know more about the quality of their services!

Follow-up questions

Transit is also working with transit agencies to ask custom questions and follow-ups in Rate-My-Ride. Questions on safety at stop and on board, driver interaction, stop and vehicle cleanliness, the speed and trip frequency provide your local agency with detailed feedback and data about how to directly improve service with rider input.

Not all transit agencies are using follow-up questions, but if your agency is one that is, you may be asked to answer these kinds of additional questions.

You will always have the option to opt in to answer these follow-up questions, and opt out if you are no longer interested or able to answer them.

Manage your Rate-My-Ride notifications

Don’t want the extra notifications during your GO trips? You won’t get any Rate-My-Ride notifications if GO is minimized.

Don't want to answer the question? No problem! You can dismiss the question to snooze Rate-My-Ride for the rest of the day.

You can also manage all notifications in the settings. Tap the avatar at the top left of the main screen, then select the middle slider icon. From there, scroll down to "My preferences" section where you will be able to check or uncheck "Answer questions when riding with GO".

Note: you will only see Rate-My-Ride questions about accessibility if you have "Show accessibility info" turned on in your settings. More info about our accessibility information.


In the spirit of helping others out, we want you to know just how many people you're helping by using GO during your trip. You’re able to see where you stand compared to other users on the GO leaderboard!

The leaderboard shows off the top Transit users who have been keen on providing more accurate real-time tracking information to other riders by using GO.

Check out where you stand compared to other users for the month and for all time, and see how close you are to the #1 spot on your most-used line.

You can see your position in the leaderboard through the route details screen, while using GO, and in your profile.

From the route details screen
  • To see the leaderboard for any line, select it in the list of the main screen then tap your avatar or the GO crowdsourcing indicator, at the top of the screen. This will take you directly to the leaderboard for that line!

Note: Your avatar will only appear if you have used this line.

When you’re in a GO trip
  • Tap the GO crowdsourcing indicator at the top of the screen to have quick access to your stats.
  • You can see your stats for this GO trip, as well a recap for the month.
  • Tap on the progress bar to access to the leaderboard and view all stats of the line.
From your profile
  • Tap on the gear icon at the top left of the main screen, then tap on any lines that you want to check.
  • You can see a recap of your stats for the month, tap "This month" to switch for your all time records.
  • You can also tap "Check the leaderboard" to view all stats of the line.

Note: If you have toggled on ghost mode, others won't be able to see your nickname/avatar in the leaderboard.

How much battery and data does GO use?

While GO uses some battery, we’ve managed to keep it down to ~5% for an average 20-minute trip and that assumes you’re glued to your phone the entire ride. The same typical GO trip will take less than 100 kb of data. That’s more than a text message, but less than a kitten GIF.

What about my privacy?

Your exact position is never shared with other riders. The position of the vehicle is only shared while GO is active and you’re on board. All data you generate using GO is anonymous, and GO automatically turns off when you reach your destination. This also includes your answers to Rate-My-Ride questions: all of your answers are completely anonymous.

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