How to Use Transit

Transit requires Android 6.0 or later and iOS 12 or later to work on your device. Choose any topic below or scroll down for a quick intro to Transit. 

Check Nearby Departures & Track your Ride

On Transit’s Main Screen you'll find a map with your location and a list of nearby transit routes including their next departure time:

To switch the direction for any route in the list, swipe across the route like this:

Real-time departures are marked with radio waves, so you know when the bus is really coming: 

Tap any route to see later departures, find the nearest stop, and track your bus or your train: 

Note: Station entrances are only shown in select cities.

To check departure times near any location, search for any destination and either press-and-hold the result or click the 3 dots:     

Then tap  Show nearby lines. This will move your location on the map to the destination. 

Plan a Trip

Transit can get you anywhere in your city – just tell us where you want to go:

1. On the Main Screen, tap the search bar: 

2. Search for your destination.

3. Tap a search result.

4. Tap in the upper Origin field to change your starting point, if desired.

5. Compare your options using public transport and other modes:

6.  Tap a trip to see more details:

Note: Station entrances are only shown in select cities.

7. Tap GO to get step-by-step instructions during your trip.

Get Step-by-Step Directions with GO

GO is Transit's personal trip companion. Tap GO to get timely notifications for when it's time to leave, to change lines, and to get off the bus or the train.

Using GO anonymously shares your bus or train's location with other users, improving the accuracy of real-time info in your city. 

  • To start GO for a specific line, tap a line in the Main Screen and tap GO:  
  • Then, choose your desired destination stop:  
  • To start GO for a trip plan, tap GO in the trip plan detail screen:  
  • More info: What is GO crowdsourcing?

    Use Uber, Lyft, Bikeshare & e-scooters

    Transit isn't only for buses and trains! 

    Tap any link below for more info:

    Add Favorite Locations & Lines

    Add Favorite Lines for quick access & service-alert notifications: 

  • Select the line you want in the list on the Main Screen, or type it into the "Where to?" search bar. 
  • Tap the pin icon:
  • If you're asked, choose whether to set up service alert notifications:  
  • Next time the app refreshes, your new pinned line will display at the top of the list whenever you're nearby. 
  • More info: Pin Your Most Used Transit Lines

    Save Favorite Locations for faster searching & smart suggestions:

  • Type the address into the search bar and long press on the result you like.
  • Tap Add to favorites
  • Name your location and choose an icon for the map.
  • Tap Save location: 
  • More info: Save your Favourite Locations

    Canceled Departures

    If you see an arrival time that has a strike through it, this means the departure has been canceled:


    These cancelations will most often be updated by your transit agency, in the data they share with us, to indicate that that particular departure has been canceled.

    Note: Sometimes, Transit will cancel a trip when the agency has provided real-time data for some trips, but not the soonest departure.

    For example: there are three departures scheduled in 5, 10, and 18 minutes. The agency has provided real-time information for the trips in 10 and 18 minutes, but not for the trip in 5 minutes. The app will consider the scheduled trip in 5 minutes to be canceled, and display the strikethrough.

    If you notice a departure that is canceled in the app but showed up, let us know! You can send us any screenshots and details at

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