Instructions to Purchase Tickets with Fare Capping

With fare-capping, you'll never be charged for more than you ride! Ever purchase a monthly pass but only use it for half the time you paid for? No more! Just purchase and activate a ticket as you usually would every time you ride and watch fare capping do some magic once you've reached the cost of a daily, weekly or monthly pass.

Here's what this article covers:

Buy a Ticket

1. On your home screen, tap Buy ticket:

2.Select your agency and/or choose your ticket type and accept the ticket rules:

3. Follow the steps to sign in to your Transit account or to create a new account.

4.Tap Proceed to payment to confirm your purchase. Then tap Place order:

Pro tip: You can now pay with Apple Pay / Google Pay! Just tap on your payment method before completing your purchase to use it.

5. Choose to activate your ticket now or later:

Warning: Tickets bought through Transit cannot be transferred to any other apps, and tickets bought on other ticketing apps cannot be transferred to Transit.

Use a Ticket

Note: You will need to be connected to the internet to activate your ticket. You won't be able to activate or use a ticket offline.

1. Tap the gear icon at the top left of the main screen.

2. Under "My tickets" section, choose the pass or ticket you want to use and tap Activate next to the pass. Make sure to only activate shortly before you board!

Note: To activate multiple tickets, tap Activate next to each one individually.

3. When you board, tap Show to display the activated pass to the driver using your phone. If you have multiple activated tickets of different types - for example if you're using your monthly pass but activated a single ride for a friend - just close the ticket and open a different one:

4. The driver will be able to see the number of ticket you activated on the next screen:

Fare Capping

With fare capping, you will never pay more than what you need to ride public transit again. For example, after purchasing enough single passes that equals a day pass, you will get fare capped and upgraded to a day pass, then to a weekly pass and so on.

Please check the website of your local transit agency to check the value you need to spend for your pass to be upgraded.

1. Purchase your pass and activate it as you normally would.

2. Once you have reached the value needed for the next ticket type, your pass will be automatically upgraded upon activation. You will get a SMS notification about the upgrade and an email for any applicable refund.

Update your Payment Method

1. After choosing your fare type, you will be asked to confirm your purchase in the next step. Tap the Payment method section at the bottom of the screen.

2. Enter the new credit card information and press Save. All future ticket purchases will now be charged on this new credit card.

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