Instructions to Purchase Transit Tickets

In select cities, you can purchase transit tickets directly in the app. Plan your trip, track your ride, and buy your ticket all within Transit! Once you've made your purchase, you'll activate your ticket and either show your phone to the driver or scan the barcode when you hop on board.

Here's what this article covers:

Buy a Ticket

1. On your home screen, tap Buy ticket:

2. Choose your ticket type, accept the ticket rules and choose the number of tickets you need:

3. Follow the steps to sign in to your Transit account or to create a new account.

4. If you want to add more tickets to your purchase, you can either tap on the ticket type you just selected or Add another ticket:

5. Tap Proceed to payment then Place order:

6. Choose to activate your ticket now or later:

Warning: Tickets bought through Transit cannot be transferred to any other apps, and tickets bought on other ticketing apps cannot be transferred to Transit.

Use a ticket

Note: Although the purchase of a ticket requires you to be online, you may activate a purchased ticket offline.

1. Tap the gear icon at the top left of the main screen.

2. Under "My tickets" section, choose the pass or ticket you want to use and tap Activate next to the pass. Make sure to only activate shortly before you board!

Note: To activate multiple tickets, tap Activate for each one individually. When you show your pass, you'll be able to switch between all activated tickets.

3. When you board, tap Show to display the activated pass to the driver using your phone.

4. If you have multiple activated tickets, you can tap the arrows at the bottom of the screen to show all your passes:

Pro-tip: You can tap Details at the bottom right of the screen to check the expiration of your ticket, along with other useful information.

Check your transaction history

Within Transit, you can see the past 6 months of your transaction history: the tickets you've paid for, the ones you used and the ones waiting for you to use them!

1. Tap on the gear icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down to find your agency under the "My memberships" section:

3. Tap Transaction history:

4. Here, you can switch between the tabs to either see all account activity, or see when you purchased or used a ticket:

Manage your payment method

1. After choosing your tickets, tap the Payment method section at the bottom of the screen:

2. Tap Manage cards:

3. You can then delete your card by tapping the bin icon ­čŚĹ or you can tap Enter a new payment card to replace the current one. If you choose to enter a new card, note that the previous one will be deleted as we can only store one card at a time. When you're finished, press Done:

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