Use on-demand services with Transit

On-demand services or microtransit is a form of public transportation that is used as a convenient connection to frequent fixed-route services, or on it's own. New to microtransit? Don't worry! While a new mode of transportation can be overwhelming, Transit makes it simple. Just follow these steps and you'll be on your way to better mobility!

Here's what this article covers:

Using on-demand services from the main screen

1. Look for the on-demand service in your Nearby list. Note that the on-demand card is separate from the ridehail card.

2. Tap Request ride:

3. You will be directed to the service picker screen, where you will be able to request your ride by tapping on Request ride.

How to plan a trip using on-demand services in Transit

Warning: Before planning your first trip, make sure you have your agency's on-demand app installed and ready to go!

1. Plan your trip as you usually would. If your trip is eligible for on-demand, you will see it in your trip results.

2. Tap on the trip you want to take to bring you to the trip details page:

3. Tap Request On-Demand Service. This will redirect you to your agency's on-demand app where you can book the ride.

Pro tip: If the on-demand portion of your trip comes after a fixed-route bus, make sure to order your ride a couple of minutes before you get to your stop.

Troubleshoot on-demand problems

⚠️ My trip doesn't give me an on-demand option

This option may not be available for your trip. There are many possible reasons for this: maybe the trip is too far, or maybe the fixed routes in your area serve you better. On-demand service operates based on zones – if you're not getting results, it could be because your origin and/or destination are not in compatible zones.

⚠️ Fare issues

Fares are managed by your local agency, so it's best to contact them with any specific questions.

Where is on-demand offered?


  • Durham Region, ON: DRT On Demand
  • Edmonton, AB: Edmonton On Demand
  • Gatineau, QC: STO à la demande
  • Milton, ON: Milton Transit OnDemand


  • Los Angeles, CA: Metro Micro
  • Salt Lake City, UT: UTA on Demand by Via
  • St. Louis, MO: Via Metro ST
  • San Antonio, TX: RideCo
  • Washoe County, NV: RTC Washoe FlexRIDE
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