Use on-demand services with Transit

On-demand services, or microtransit, is a form of public transportation that is used as a convenient connection to frequent fixed-route services, or on it's own. New to microtransit? Don't worry! While a new mode of transportation can be overwhelming, Transit makes it simple. Just follow these steps and you'll be on your way to better mobility!

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Using on-demand services from the main screen

1. Look for the on-demand service in your Nearby list. Note that the on-demand card is separate from the ridehail card.

2. Tap Request ride:

3. You will be directed to the service picker screen, where you will be able to request your ride by tapping on Request ride.

How to plan a trip using on-demand services in Transit

Warning: Before planning your first trip, it's better if you have your agency's on-demand app installed and ready to go! If you don't have it installed, we will give you a download prompt to get the app.

1. Plan your trip as you usually would. If your trip is eligible for on-demand, you will see it in your trip results.

2. Tap on the trip you want to take to bring you to the trip details page:

3. Tap Request On-Demand Service. This will redirect you to your agency's on-demand app where you can book the ride.

Pro tip: If the on-demand portion of your trip comes after a fixed-route bus, make sure to order your ride a couple of minutes before you get to your stop.

Book online (select MN agencies only)

Riders in Minnesota who use Otter Express, ZIPS Paratransit, or Rolling Hills Transit and have an app version of 5.13.0 or higher can now book a ride online instead of calling to reserve one. Learn more.

Troubleshoot on-demand problems

⚠️ My trip doesn't give me an on-demand option

This option may not be available for your trip. There are many possible reasons for this: maybe the trip is too far, or maybe the fixed routes in your area serve you better. On-demand service operates based on zones – if you're not getting results, it could be because your origin and/or destination are not in compatible zones.

⚠️ Fare issues

Fares are managed by your local agency, so it's best to contact them with any specific questions.

Where is on-demand offered?



  • Calgary, AB: Calgary On Demand
  • Edmonton, AB: Edmonton On Demand
  • Strathcona County, AB: Strathcona County On-Demand

New Brunswick

  • Saint John, NB: Saint John Transit Flex


  • Durham, ON: DRT On Demand
  • Milton, ON: Milton Transit OnDemand
  • Niagara Region, ON: NRT OnDemand


  • Gatineau, QC: STO à la demande
  • Longueuil, QC: RTL à la demande
  • Rimouski, QC: STRimouski


  • Saskatoon, SK: Saskatoon Transit OnDemand

United States


  • Bakersfield, CA: GET On-Demand
  • Bay Area, CA: Tri MyRide
  • Helmet, CA: GoMicro On-Demand
  • San Bernadino, CA: OmniRide


  • Lone Tree, CO: Link On Demand


  • Pinellas County, FL: PSTA Direct Connect
  • Miami, FL: MetroConnect


  • Chicago, IL: Pace Connect


  • Cincinnati, OH: SORTA MetroNow!
  • Columbus, OH: COTA//Plus


  • Kansas City, MO: RideKC Flex
  • St. Louis, MO: Via Metro STL


  • Brown County Heartland Express
  • Central Community Transit
  • Kato Flex and Kato Paratransit
  • Minnesota River Valley Transit
  • Morris Transit
  • Otter Express
  • Prairie Five Rides
  • Rainbow Rider Transit
  • Rolling Hills Transit
  • Tri-Cap Transit Connection
  • TRUE Transit
  • United Community Transit
  • ZIPS Paratransit


  • Las Vegas, NV: RTC-OnDemand
  • Washoe County, NV: RTC Washoe FlexRIDE

New Mexico 

  • Albuquerque, NM: ABQ RIDE 

New York

  • Nassau County, NY: NICE MINI
  • Rochester, NY: RTS On Demand


  • San Antonio, TX: RideCo VIA Link


  • Salt Lake City, UT: UTA On Demand by Via

West Virginia

  • Charleston, WV: KRT Plus


  • Tacoma, WA: Pierce Transit Runner
  • Vancouver, WA: The Current
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