Instructions to Purchase Station-Based Fares

Confused about which ticket to book? Tired of sorting through a stuck-together stack of plastic cards to find the right one? Those times are behind us.

It's now possible to purchase station based fares through the app! Enter your origin and destination and get the right fare for your ticket, depending on the distance you've travelled.

How to purchase?

1. On your home screen, tap Buy ticket:

2. Tap on the fare below the "Station-based fares" section:

3. Enter your origin and destination. If you open this view from the trip planner, the origin and destination will be auto-filled.

4. Choose your fare type, read and accept the ticket rules. Then choose the number of tickets needed.

5. Tap Proceed to payment to confirm your purchase. Then tap Place order.

6. Activate your ticket just before boarding, and you're ready to ride!

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