Report a Bug

We work hard to bring you the best version of the app we can, but some bugs still slip through the cracks.

If you're encountering a problem with our app, first make sure that your app is up to date. Check for the latest update in the App Store or in the Play Store.

If Transit still isn't working properly and you think you've found a bug, please contact us through the app to let us know so that we can receive the proper debugging information and fix it.

Here is how to contact us and provide us with your debugging info at the same time:

  1. Take some screenshots or a screen recording of the bug.
  2. Open this link on your phone.
  3. Attach your screenshots or screen recordings to the email and include as many details as possible about the bug.
  4. Send it!

For any inquiries that do not require your debugging info, you can email us directly at

We're not able to respond to all the emails we get, but we do read them all!

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