Plan a Less-Crowded Trip

In certain cities (where crowding data is available), you can see the crowding level of each trip, and decide if you would like to prioritize less-crowded trips!

Here's what this article covers:

Check the crowding level of your trip results

If it's available in your city, the app will automatically show you the crowding-level of all the trip results, even the multimodal ones!

In general, the Trip Planner will pick the most optimal trip, but that doesn't always mean there's enough room for you on board!

Enable low-crowded trips only

If all of the trip results are crowded, you have the option to choose one that might be a bit less optimal, but is less crowded.

1. Tap on the icon at the bottom of the results that says "The top results are all crowded".

2. Scroll down to "My transit options" section then enable Avoid crowds by making sure there's a green checkmark next to it.

3. Tap "Done" in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. The trip planner will then show you trips that are less crowded if there are some available.

During peak times, like rush hour, there may not be available trips that aren’t crowded. In that case, the trip planner would tell you that only crowded trips are available.

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