Check Your Trip's Crowding Level

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What is Crowding Info?

In select areas where the data is available, Transit is able to display how much space there is on the bus you're waiting for.

  • On the main screen, select the line you're interested in.
  • Tap the vehicle icon on the map:
  • Bus Crowding Levels

    GO Crowding

    The same way you can help other fellow users get accurate real-time information by using GO, you can also tell them how crowded the bus is.

    When you get the prompt in GO, let others know how crowded the bus is by choosing a crowding level!

    If you've minimized GO, don't worry you won't get a notification. Don't want to share the crowding level? No problem! Just dismiss the prompt and we won't ask again for that trip.

    Note: If you’d like to learn how to plan a less-crowded trip, follow this page.

    Cities Supported

    Crowding information is available in the following cities:

    • Australia
      • Sydney
    • Canada
      • Ontario
        • Belleville
        • Cornwall
        • London
        • Mississauga
        • Niagara Falls
        • St. Catharines
        • Toronto (TTC)
        • Windsor
        • York Region (YRT)
      • Québec
        • Gatineau
        • Lévis
        • Montréal (STM)
        • Sherbrooke
        • Trois-Rivières
      • Saskatchewan
        • Saskatoon
    • New Zealand
      • Auckland
    • USA
      • California
        • Anaheim
        • Los Angeles (Metro, LADOT, SunLine Transit Agency, Torrance Transit, VVTA, Anaheim Resort Transportation)
        • Modesto
        • Sacramento (e-tran)
        • SF Bay Area (AC Transit Tempo BRT, Emery Go-Round,Marin Transit, Petaluma Transit, PresidiGo, Stanford Marguerite Shuttle)
        • Thousand Palms
      • Connecticut
        • Hartford
        • Meriden
        • New Britain
        • New Haven
        • Stamford
        • Waterbury
      • Florida
        • Gainesville
        • Miami(Tri-Rail)
      • Iowa
        • Iowa City (CAMBUS)
      • Massachusetts
        • Boston (MBTA, PVTA)
        • Springfield
      • Missouri
        • Kansas City
      • New York
        • Nassau County
        • New York City(some MTA bus lines)
        • Rochester
      • North Carolina
        • Raleigh (Duke Transit, Wolfline)
      • Ohio
        • Akron
        • Cleveland
        • Dayton
      • Pennsylvania
        • Erie
        • Pittsburgh
        • Harrisburg
      • Washington
        • Spokane
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