Purchase a Bikeshare Pass

We love bikes! In addition to public transport, ridehail, and carshare, Transit displays bikeshare options in dozens of cities worldwide.

Bikeshare networks allow you to rent a bicycle at one station and return it to another location - a speedy, fun way to get from A to B. In select cities, you can skip the line at the bikeshare station by buying passes and unlocking bikes directly in Transit.

A Transit account allows you to keep your public transit tickets and bikeshare passes all in one place. Enter your payment information once and sign up for any service offered in Transit with just a tap!

New phone? No problem! Your Transit account has you covered by retrieving all previously purchased tickets, passes, and settings when you sign in to a new device.

Read more about Transit accounts here.

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Purchase a Bikeshare Pass

Connect to your Existing Bikeshare Account: 

On Transit's home screen, tap the bikeshare station closest to your location, then tap Unlock a bike

At the bottom of the screen, tap on “Connect here” to sign into your bikeshare account. Enter your email address and your password, then tap Sign in. You're now connected to your bikeshare account and ready to unlock a bike. Select the pass you'd like to purchase. 

Create a Bikeshare Account: 

If you don’t already have a bikeshare account, you’ll need to create one in order to unlock a bike. We’ve made this super simple by linking your Transit account to the bikeshare system. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry! We'll show you how in the next steps.  

On Transit's home screen, tap the bikeshare station closest to your location, then tap Unlock bikeSelect the type of pass and the number of bikes you need, then tap Select

  • If you have a Transit account, tap Continue to sign in using your Transit account. 

    Please note that you may have to enter additional information required by the bikeshare system. Since you already have a Transit account, you can skip the following step and get straight to making your purchase.

  • If you don't have a Transit account, enter your email address and fill in the required information to create your account, and continue your purchase.
  • Confirm the creation of your bikeshare account and review your purchase.
  • Success! You’ve purchased a ticket. You can choose to store it in your profile by tapping on Ride later, or get a code to unlock your bike by tapping on Use now.
  • Change Your Payment Information

    Transit does not currently support changing your payment information from directly in the app. To change the payment information for your bikeshare account, you'll need to sign up on your bikeshare operator's website or contact them directly

    Cancel Your Bikeshare Subscription

    To cancel your bikeshare subscription, contact your bikeshare operator.

    Get Help with Bikeshare Passes and Accounts

    To get help with your bikeshare passes and your account, contact the customer service department of your bikeshare operator. They can access your account information and will be able to help. Don't see your city on our list? That means we don't currently support pass purchasing in your area. But don't worry... we're always working to expand ticketing capabilities within the app!

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